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Total Number of Proposals: 86
School    Team    Project Title
Academy For Tech & Classics    1     Synesthesia visualization
AIMS@UNM    4    Modeling New Mexican Solar Needs
Albuquerque Academy    6    Model of Disease Propagation to Predict the Speed of an Outbreak
Annunciation Catholic School    7    Can the Great Pacific Garbage Patch be Eliminated with Plastic-eating Microbes?
Artesia High    8    "I smell smoke....Otero County Fire Escape"
Capital High    13    Aurora Borealis
Capital High    14    What happens when gonorrhea can't be stopped...
Capital High    15    Alcoholism in New Mexico
Centennial High    16    Cattle Conundrum
Centennial High    17    Efficient Bus Route
Chaparral Mid-Chaparral    23    artic snow melt
Cleveland High    29    Knowing the Stock Market: Foretelling Future Trends
Cleveland High    30    Finding Mental Disorders and Tumors (by percentages) in the Brain”
Desert Academy    31    Comparison of Optimization Techniques for Road Networks
Desert Academy    32    Green Transportation
Down to Earth School    33    Safe Slide
Down to Earth School    34    The Formation of Snow Crystals
Down to Earth School    35    Predator Mayhem
Edgewood Elementary    36    The Power of Solar
Edgewood Mid    37    Are babies safe from WNV?
Edgewood Mid    38    Algae Energy Project (AEP)
Grants High    41    Project Troll
Grants High    42    Modeling Ethnic Indistinguishability
Grants High    43    The Deep Sea
Grants High    44    Blueprint of Energy Efficiency
Grants High    45    weather finder
Jackson Middle School    46    Lake Solutions
Jackson Middle School    1009    Varicella Zoster and Herpes Zoster
La Cueva High    47    Can a program learn and analyze topics in human language?
La Cueva High    48    Simulation of Approximate Computing Applied to Numerical Methods
La Cueva High    49    The Future of Encryption: From CPU to GPU
La Cueva High    50    Micro-Revolution
Las Cruces High    1003    is really violence affecting mexico?
Los Alamos High    51    Computer Linguistics and Sentence Synthesis
Los Alamos High    52    TB or not TB
Los Alamos High    53    Lowrider to Flowrider - Vehicle aerodynamics and aeromidding
Los Alamos High    54    Optimal Conditions for Wind Power Generation
Los Alamos High    55    Designing efficient power-computing networks for the future
Los Alamos High    56    Vortex Formation
Los Alamos High    57    Solar System Formation
Los Alamos High    58    N-Body Simulation of Saturn's Ring Structure
Los Alamos Mid    59    How much longer? Heuristic Approaches to the Outpatient Scheduling Problem
Los Alamos Mid    60    An Augmented Future
Los Alamos Mid    62    Global Warming, can we do Something About it?
Los Alamos Mid    63    A Breath of Fresh Air
Los Alamos Mid    64    Headtracking: controlling your computer with your head
Los Alamos Mid/Aspen Elem    61    Self-recovery of a distributed system after a large disruption
Manzano High    65    The Gravity of the Situation
Melrose    67    9,000,000,000
Melrose    69    Space Station Interactions
Melrose    71    Aerodynamics of Agricultural Vehicles
Melrose    72    Energetic House
Mesa Mid    75    Flesh Eating Disease
Mesa Mid    76    Illegal Immigration.
Mesa Mid    77    Atoms
Moriarty High    78    Electric Wind Shock - The Solution to Power Outages
Mountain Elementary    79    Preventing Skin Cancer -- It May Be Too Late!
New Mexico School for the Arts    80    Audio Textures: Opening The Inner Eye Through Music
Picacho Mid    85    Are You in Hot Water? Use the Sun's Energy to Heat Your Own Water
Portales Junior High    86    The Impact of the Younger Dryas on Selected MegaFauna in North America
Quemado High    87    Scholar Search
Red Mountain Mid    88    Shoe Flu, Don't Bother Me!
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    91    Wasted Energy
Robertson High    92    Gravity's effects on planer orbit within a solar system
Santa Fe High    93    The Effects of Gamma-ray Burst to the Earth
Santa Fe High    94    Project Vulcan(o): To Boldly Flow
Santa Fe High    95    Study of Early Onset Huntington's Disease
Santa Fe High    96    Protecting Hospitals from Bioterrorists
Santa Fe High    97    The Effects of Mrsa
Santa Fe High    1001    A A study of the efficiency of a PEM Hydrogen fuel cell.
Santa Fe Preparatory Sch    98    Emergency Management in Airports
Sat Sci Math Acad    99    Evolutionary Fractal Art
School of Dreams Academy    102    aqua solar products
School of Dreams Academy    103    Home Appliance Energy Conservation
School of Dreams Academy    105    Facebook Farkle Program
School of Dreams Academy    106    Powering the Past; Energizing the Future
School of Dreams Academy    107    Little Fe
School of Dreams Academy    108    Sensor Data Refinement
School of Dreams Academy    110    Simulation of Human Social Networks
School of Dreams Academy    111    Cave Swallow Data
School of Dreams Academy    1002    3 Dimensional Imaging
Taos High    113    Prairie Dogs and the Black-footed Ferret
Taos Middle School    1008    How and why do Jellyfish Blooms Affect the Environment
West Las Vegas High    115    How Invasive Species affect Native Species
Wingate High School    116    Solar Greenhouse
Zuni High    118    Improving Football Outcomes
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