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Total Number of Proposals: 115
School    Team    Project Title
Acad For Tech & Classics    1    Disaster Simulation with according response
Acad T&C/Desert Academy    2    The Impacts of Forest Fires on Water Resources
Academy For Tech & Classics    3    Modeling an Aquatic Ecosystem
AIMS@UNM    4    The Consequences of Coronal Mass Ejections
Alamogordo High    5    Understanding and Prevention of Flooding
Alamogordo High    7    Water Storm
Albuquerque High    10    Electromagnetic Radiation from Common Electronic Objects
Artesia High    12    DON'T PANIC!!! EMERGENCY EGRESS.
Artesia High    13    Star Formation
Aspen Elementary    14    Efficiency of Roundabouts
Aspen Elementary    15    Self-recovery of a distributed system after a large disruption
Aspen Elementary    16    Handling failures: supercomputers playing Telephone
Aspen Elementary    17    A Devil Worth Saving
Aspen Elementary    18    Mom, Are We There Yet?
Aspen Elementary    19    Minimizing Manatee Injuries
Bernalillo High    20    Effects of Earthquakes on Buildings
Bernalillo High    21    Insect Infestation
CEPi1    23    Rio Grande
CEPi1    25    Crystal
CEPi1    26    Cloud Chamber
CEPi1    28    Anticancer
CEPi1    29    Underwater Mill
CEPi1    30    Water Jet
Chaparral High    31    Space Junk: Problem of the Future
Cleveland High    35    Modeling Changes in Aquifer Water-Levels in New Mexico
Desert Academy    36    Language Acquisition in Computers
Desert Academy    37    Depletion of Aquifer Levels in the Lower Rio Grande
Down to Earth School    38    Polystyrene vs. Down to Earth
Edgewood Elementary    41    Duel of the Fuel
Escalante High    45    Black Bear Population and Migration after wildfires
Espanola Valley High    47    Snow Variability in the Hondo Basin and its impacts on the local environment
Freedom High    48    Baby Linguistics
Freedom High    49    Water, Water Everywhere
Grants High    50    Designing an engineering iOS App
GUTS y Girls    140    Genetic Contamination of Organic and Heritage Crops
Jackson Middle School    52    Animal protection
Jackson Middle School    53    How much Food and Water can Animals and Plants survive without?
Jackson Middle School    54    Growth of deserts
La Cueva High    56    Wide Area Network Virus Optimization
La Cueva High    57    Genetic Animal Adapatation Optimization
Las Cruces YWiC    58    Utopia
Las Cruces YWiC    59    Developing Health Risks Caused By September 11, 2001
Little Earth School    60    Sea Turtles
Little Earth School    61    Wolves
Los Alamos High    62    Threshold of Collapse
Los Alamos High    63    Parallel Data Mining Using Multi-Core Computing
Los Alamos High    64    Product Warehouse Optimization
Los Alamos High    65    The Spread of Oil Spills
Los Alamos High    66    ExcellAnts
Los Alamos High    68    The Art of Folding Synthetic Proteins
Los Alamos High    70    Game theory analysis on the housing market
Los Alamos Mid    72    Dark Matter Effects on Galaxy Collisions
Los Alamos Mid    73    What is a Good Job?
Los Alamos Mid    74    Haptic Feedback: Controlling Robots with Touch
Los Alamos Mid    75    Manage Your Manure!!!
Los Alamos Mid    76    Bacteria: The Best Places to Get Sick
Los Alamos Mid    77    Investigating The Use Of Hydroelectric Power
Los Alamos Mid    78    Space Debris: How Much is Too Much?
Los Alamos Mid    79    The Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout
Los Alamos Mid    80    Investigating the Effects of Reforestation Efforts on Erosion Caused by the Los Conchas Fire
Manzano High    81    Stayin' Alive
Manzano High    82    Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Images of Alzheimer's Plaque in Transgenic Mouse Brains
Manzano High    83    Air Traffic Control: The Next Step!
McCurdy High    84    Solar Energy Efficiency
Melrose    85    Pasture-ization
Melrose    87    The Application of a Two Circle System to find Specific Points
Mesa Mid    88    The cause and affect of pollution as it decreases the ozone layer.
Mesa Mid    89    The American Economics
Mesa Mid    1008    Government tax effect
Miyamura High    90    New Methods for Electronic Security
Miyamura High    91    Geology and World Simulator
Navajo Preparatory    92    Livestock Grazing Rights
Navajo Preparatory    93    Save the Plants....Save the World
New Mexico School for the Arts    94    The Rio Grande: Taking It Back From The Texans
Picacho Mid    96    How do we prevent forest fires?
Picacho Mid    97    Conserving Water
Picacho Mid    98    How can we use less water?
Picacho Mid    100    Who Cares About a Dripping Faucet?
Picacho Mid    1004    NM’s Tree killer the Bark Beetle
Picacho Mid    1006    How the gasoline travels in water and how we can solve the problem?
Pinon Elementary    101    The Bullying Effect
Pinon Elementary    102    Drawing the Tree of Life
Quemado High    103    Touchless Computer
Red Mountain Mid    104    Don't Waste Your Water Embrace Your Water!
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    106    Deadly Dose
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    107    Removing Radioactive Particles from Water
Robertson High    108    Wind vs. Solar
Robertson High    139    OUCH!
Sandia Preparatory    109    Manned Hypersonics
Santa Fe High    110    Cathedral Shakedown
Santa Fe High    111    The Great Trash Float!
Santa Fe High    113    The End of the World by: Radiation?
Santa Fe Indian School    114    Modeling Erosion in Santa Clara Canyon
Sat Sci Math Acad    118    The Ant Colony Conundrum
School of Dreams Academy    119    Farkle
School of Dreams Academy    120    Snakes
School of Dreams Academy    121    Rock, Paper, Scissors Analogy
School of Dreams Academy    122    Linear Maze Solving Algorithm
School of Dreams Academy    123    Chili Root System
School of Dreams Academy    124    The Containment of Forest Fires Contaminents
School of Dreams Academy    125    Op. Mother Bird
School of Dreams Academy    126    Constraint of Forest Fires
Shiprock High    138    Can one live without salt or sugar?
Socorro High    127    What Volcanoes Tell Us About Plate Tectonics
Socorro High    128    GlAdOs
Socorro High    129    Flare Gun
Socorro High    130    clean running diesel
St Pius X Hs    131    The perfect poker player?
Taos High    132    Impact of Air force Training Flights over Taos and Northern NM
The Ask Academy    133    Brain Stimulation
The Ask Academy    134    Pain!!!
The Ask Academy    135    Co-Flow Jet Airfoil Improvement
Zuni High    136    Bionic Buddy
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