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Total Number of Proposals: 98
School    Team    Project Title
Academy For Tech & Classics    1    Distributed Computing in a Failure Prone Environme
AIMS@UNM    3    Ant Recruitment
Alamogordo High    4    Up in Flames
Albuquerque Academy    5    CTRW and Nanoscale Pattern Formation
Albuquerque Academy    6    An Autonomous Spacecraft Navigation System
Albuquerque Academy    7    Gridlock! Modeling and Predicting Traffic Flow.
Albuquerque High    8    Modeling an Explosively Driven Fluid
Albuquerque High    9    3d Model unwrap algorithm
Artesia High    10    Hovercraft Efficiency
Artesia High    11    Sugarcaping inside a Beowulf Ring
Artesia High    12    Coyote/Sheep predation
Artesia High    13    Classroom Behavior Model
Aspen Elementary    15    How Not to Become a Global Pandemic Statistic
Aspen Elementary    16    Who's Fault?
Aspen Elementary    17    Powering Los Alamos With Solar or Wind Energy
Aspen Elementary    18    Honey Bees
Bloomfield High    20    Psuedo-Virus
Bloomfield High    21    Global Warming
Capshaw Mid    133    Palaeontology
Capshaw Mid    1000     Paleontology
CEPi1    23    Firework Hearing Loss
CEPi1    25    Neurological Disorders
CEPi1    26    Economic Growth and Decay within a Community
CEPi1    27    Last Virus
Cleveland High    29    Precentage of desease druuing a commen school day
Cleveland High    30    Accelerated Particles Vs. Cancerous Cells
Deming High    32    BEST Robotics Simulator
Desert Academy    36    Arbitrary Precision Integers on the Cell
Desert Academy    37    The Spread of the Black Death
Desert Academy    38    The Cornucopian Socialist Reform Model
Edgewood Elementary    39    Chili Crops
Edgewood Elementary    126    Parvo Virus Treatment in Canines
Edgewood Elementary    131    What "Dun" It?
Edgewood Mid    40    When pigs fly
Espanola Valley High    41    Solar Heating vs. Other Heating Systems
Espanola Valley High    43    how to make a battery with a lemon
Espanola Valley High    44    athletic gene
Espanola Valley High    45    Resperation Rate Changes in Gold Fish
Espanola Valley High    46    How Much Water Is In An Orange?
Freedom High    47    Simulation of High Energy Collisions
Freedom High    48    Impact of the Socorro Midcrustal Magma Body
Freedom High    49    Controling Complex Systems
Freedom High    50    Artificial Intelligence Models of Mass Hysteria
Hatch Valley High    51    The Cost of Chile Heat Control
Home School    53    Grocery Tracker
Home School    55    Maze Solver
Home School    56    Get on the Bus Part II
Hope Christian    57    Heart Attack
Hope Christian    58    Tiggers last Hoorah
Hope Christian    59    Learning in Space
Hope Christian    60    Human Moral Response to Video Games
Jackson Middle School    61    Undercover Bruise
Jackson Middle School    63    Spreading of H1N1 in my school
Jackson Middle School    64    Water Purification
Los Alamos High    65    The Holy Grail of Adam's Ale
Los Alamos High    66    Military Decision Making
Los Alamos High    67    Save Energy
Los Alamos High    68    Astrophysical N-Body Simulations of Star Clusters
Los Alamos High    69    Enlightenment: A Monte-Carlo Ray Prediction Model
Los Alamos High    70    To Kill a Flocking-bird.
Los Alamos High    71    Project AF
Los Alamos High    72    dont be trashy
Los Alamos Mid    73    AI in videogames
Los Alamos Mid    74    The Propagation of Yawning... Continued
Los Alamos Mid    75    Smart Grid
Los Alamos Mid    78    Capturing Low Value Energy with Phase Transitions
Los Alamos Mid    79    The Alien River Cloggers
Manzano High    81    Solar-Powered Java-Based Wireless Robot
Manzano High    82    Remote Combined Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Power Grid
Manzano High    127    Efficient Air Traffic Control
McCurdy High    83    Modeling Catastrophic Bridge Failure
McCurdy High    84    Muonic Flux/Supernovae Correlation Model
McCurdy High    85    Contributing Factors for Obesity in the U.S.
Media Arts Charter School    91    Ziekte Serangan
Media Arts Charter School    92    Model of Mechanized exoskeleton
Media Arts Charter School    93    Life: What Are The Odds?
Melrose    94    METH- So Easy A Caveman Can Get It!
Melrose    95    Butterfly Away
Melrose    96    Spread of House Fires
Melrose    97    The Polar Ecosystem
Melrose    98    Surviving the Worst
Melrose    99    The Control and Spread Wildfires II
Navajo Preparatory    102    Colony Collapse Disorder
Navajo Preparatory    103    The Ozone Layer
NNMC    104    New Mexico on the Road: Fuel Consumption of New Mexico Cars
Nuestros Valores Charter School    106    bloody mosquitoes
Quemado High    107    Social and Fashion Interaction
Quemado High    108    F.E.A.R (Fire Extingushing Autonomous Robot)
Red Mountain Mid    110    Thrill Ride
San Jon High    111    Personal Autonomous Vehicle (PAV)
Sandia Preparatory    112    Analytical Hierarchal Process for Complex Decision
Santa Fe High    116    Altering the sun
Santa Fe High    117    Hospital Acquired Infections, CanTheyBePrevented?
Silver High    119    Airplane Epidemiology
Socorro High    121    Modeling an Explosion
Socorro High    122    A Swim Through Programming
Socorro High    123    Spread of Disease
Tibbetts Middle School    125    Recycle This!
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