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Total Number of Proposals: 82
School    Team    Project Title
AGUILAR SCHOOL    2    The Carbon Footprint: A Shoe That Fits No One
AGUILAR SCHOOL    3    Teen Preganacy "Intentional Accidents"
ALB INST FOR MATH AND SCIENCE    8    The Day the Bees Stopped Buzzing
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    5    Commodity Market Simulation and Analysis Using ACE
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    6    Virus Spread (working title)
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    7    Stock Smarts in a Market of Madness
ARTESIA HIGH    9    Wave Propagation Modeling in Heterogeneous Mediums
ARTESIA HIGH    10    Human populations reduction Effect on the World
ARTESIA HIGH    11    Economic Symbiosis
ARTESIA HIGH    12    Dropping Objects from the Empire State Building
ARTESIA HIGH    13    Encryption/Decryption
ARTESIA HIGH    14    Making vortecies to interact with objects
ASPEN ELEMENTARY    15    Interplanetary Space Travel in a Built Ecosystem
ASPEN ELEMENTARY    16    Were o were did the meadow mouses go?
ASPEN ELEMENTARY    17    The different effects of rooster behavior
ASPEN ELEMENTARY    18    Rocky Planet Formation as the Universe Evolves
BARRANCA MESA ELEMENTARY    21    Energy Self-Sustainability for New Mexico
BARRANCA MESA ELEMENTARY    22    What is the Impact of Cars on the Environment?
BLOOMFIELD HIGH    24    Tootsie Licks
BOSQUE SCHOOL    25    Money of the future
BOSQUE SCHOOL    26    Arsenic leakage from hurricane debris
BOSQUE SCHOOL    27    Navitas, it's Latin for Energy!
CHAPARRAL HIGH    31    Bermuda Triangle Mystery
DESERT ACADEMY    35    Efficiency and Weaknesses of the RSA Cryptosystem
ENIPC UPWARD BOUND    36    Water Pollution in the Pojoaque Valley
ESPANOLA VALLEY HIGH    39    Thermodynamics
FREEDOM HIGH    41    Fractal Illuminations
FREEDOM HIGH    43    Virus and Network Security Design
FREEDOM HIGH    44    J-Curve Phenomena in Background Radiation
HOME SCHOOL    45    Get on the Bus --- Simple or Not?
HOPE CHRISTIAN    47    Trivial Treasure
HOPE CHRISTIAN    48    Project Vulcan
LA CUEVA    4    An Analysis of Asteroid Orbit Perturbations
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    52    Get with the flow, man.
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    53    The Stradivarius Connection
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    54    Lecherous Logging
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    55    Far from the Tree: A Newtonian N-body Simulation
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    56    Kinematics and Full Downs
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    57    How much energy can fit in a stable system?
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    58    Numerical Simulations of Forest Wildfires
LOS ALAMOS MID    59    Of Men, Mice and Hanta
LOS ALAMOS MID    60    Modeling the Flu
LOS ALAMOS MID    61    Astrophysical N-Body Simulations of Star Clusters
LOS ALAMOS MID    63    Train vs Car: Economic and Environmental Effects
LOS ALAMOS MID    65    Energy Efficiency through Smart Wall Design
LOS ALAMOS MID    103    Wave Interaction in Pools
MANZANO HIGH    66    Some Applications of Elliptic Curves
MANZANO HIGH    67    The Effect of Nuclear Waste on the Environment
MCCURDY HIGH    68    Properties of Earth's Magnetic Fields
MCCURDY HIGH    69    The effects of freezing cells in living organisms
MELROSE HIGH    71    Predicting and Protecting against Wildfires
MELROSE HIGH    72    Ticks Gone Wild
MELROSE HIGH    73    Raging Rabies
MELROSE HIGH    74    Up in Smoke
MELROSE HIGH    75    Blown Away
MELROSE HIGH    76    Hawk EyE
MONTE DEL SOL    105    Universal Distributed Computing of Mersenne Primes
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    77    The Ginseng Effect
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    79    Colony Collapse Disorder
NNMC    37    Intersection Emergency Evacuation
NNMC    38    Uranium Contamination
NUESTROS VALORES CHARTER SCHOOL    81    the twin towers
RIO RANCHO HIGH    82    Comparing types if Artificial Intelligence
RIO RANCHO HIGH    85    Absorption
RIO RANCHO HIGH    86    Parachutes Effectivness
RIO RANCHO HIGH    88    The Lions Prey
RIO RANCHO MID-HIGH    90    Decision Making and Success of Military Actions
RIO RANCHO MID-HIGH    91    Laser targeting system
SANDIA PREPARATORY    93    How to bend light
SANDIA PREPARATORY    94    Artificial Intelligence
SANDIA PREPARATORY    95    Vibrational Mode Analysis Applied to Prions
SANTA FE    96    Supply and Demand Chain
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    97    "Hunger is the best pickle"
SILVER HIGH    98    Modeling the Sun-Earth-Moon System
SOCORRO HIGH    99    Network Failer
SOCORRO HIGH    100    Global Warming and Water Levels
SOCORRO HIGH    101    "538:" Simulating an Election
SOCORRO HIGH    102    Traffic Congestion Simulation and Anaylsis
SOCORRO HIGH    104    Tree growth
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