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Total Number of Proposals: 117
School    Team    Project Title
Academy For Tech & Classics    1    ASL Detection for Real World Implementation
Albuquerque Academy    5    Comparision of Disease Propagation Models that Predict the Speed of an Outbreak
Annunciation Catholic School    6    Bone Stimulators and Their Use in Horses and People
Capital High    8    HIV Eradicator
Capital High    10    A better ER
Capshaw Mid    12    The Impact of Trees on CO2
Centennial High    13    nm drought
Centennial High    14    Acid Rain in Our Water Supply
Centennial High    15    Fraccident Effects
Centennial High    16    Concerning the Expansion of the Universe
Centennial High    17    Marijuana: The Gateway Drug?
Centennial High    18    Entropy before the Plague
Centennial High    19    Collision Simulator
Centennial High    20    Underage Smoking
Centennial High    21    Python Problem Project
Centennial High    22    Social Interactions among gamers in MMORPGs
Centennial High    24    Light Bulb Efficiency
CEPi    28    Is It Worth Your Money?
CEPi    29    Pigment Mutation in Nature
CEPi    30    Universal Language
CEPi    31    Terrafoming Mars
CEPi    32    What Are Saturn's Rings?
Chaparral Mid-Chaparral    33    Bulemia Disease
Chaparral Mid-Chaparral    35    Possible Cancer Cure
Cottonwood Valley    39    How to get more plants in a forest after a forest fire
Cottonwood Valley    40    Bubonic plague infection
Cottonwood Valley    41    Sports Medicine
Cottonwood Valley    42    Ringworm on pets
Cottonwood Valley    43    Human overpopulation
Cottonwood Valley    44    What Cures Yellow Fever
Cottonwood Valley    45    does the size of mosquito breeding grounds affect how many people get Malaria?
Deming High    46    The Area Around
Desert Academy    48    Optimizing Food Distribution in Third-World Countries
Desert Academy    49    Exploring Solar Power
Down to Earth School    50    An Epidemic of Antibiotics
Edgewood Mid    51    Navajo Uranium Mining Contamination Clean Up
Edgewood Mid    52    Molasses in Honolulu bay
Edgewood Mid    53    How an "Aspie" Thrives
Jackson Middle School    56    Too Many Or Not Enough?
Jackson Middle School    57    Ineffective Fuels
La Cueva High    3    Facial Recognition Android Software
La Cueva High    58    Modeling Tree Growth and Resource Use with Applications
Las Cruces High    59    Electromagnetic Pulse: Evaluating Threats To the Electric Grid
Las Cruces YWiC    60    Maximize Lipid output and biomass production of algae in open pond systems for biofuel synthesis
Las Cruces YWiC    61    Why are the honey bees dying? Neonicotinoids are back!
Los Alamos High    62    Pandemic
Los Alamos High    63    Language Analysis on Twitter
Los Alamos High    64    The Privatization of Currency
Los Alamos High    65    Traffic Simulation
Los Alamos High    66    3D Hydrodynamic Simulation of Classical Nova Explosions
Los Alamos High    67    Quantifying Literature’s Quality
Los Alamos High    68    Avoiding a Collision with an Asteroid
Los Alamos High    70    The Cool Core
Los Alamos High    71    Beyond DNA: Searching for Additional Flaws in Cancer's Defenses
Los Alamos High    72    Rain Runoff Model
Los Alamos Mid    74    BLE: The Future of Bluetooth Low Energy
Los Lunas High    77    Improving Wind Wonders
Manzano High    81    One Million "Views"
Manzano High    82    The Traveling sales man problem and evolutionary algorithms
Melrose High    84    Flushed
Melrose High    85    Cattle Monitoring in a Feed Lot
Melrose High    86    Model of Aerodynamic Activity with Variations in Airfoil Design
Melrose High    87    Allsups: There's One Near You
Melrose High    88    The Terraforming of Mars
Melrose Mid    92    Pony Car Showdown
Mesa Mid    93    How sugar affects blood cells
Mesa Mid    94    Necrotizing Fascittis
Mesa Mid    96    Asteroids Orbit the Sun
Miyamura High    97    Gang Influence at Miyamura High School
Moriarty High    99    Electric Wind Shock!
Mountain Elementary    75    Go-Chess variants
New Mexico School for the Arts    101    Getting Down And Dengue
Newcomb High    102    Asthma on the Navajo Reservation
Newcomb High    103    Promoting Awareness of Meningitis
Newcomb High    104    Drunk Driving on the Navajo Reservation
Newcomb High    105    Diabetes
Newcomb High    106    Predicting ways on how to prevent Obesity in a certain population within the Navajo Nation.
Newcomb High    107    Prediction of Teen Suicides in the Navajo Nation
Newcomb High    108    Stopping the spread of Scabies
Newcomb Mid    112    Stray Dogs in the Navajo Nation: Dangerous to Man and Livestock
Newcomb Mid    113    Obesity
Picacho Mid    116    How Many People Can Get Infected Spread By One Person?
Picacho Mid    117    West Nile
Picacho Mid    118    How Fast Can Chickenpox Spread?
Picacho Mid    119    malaria
Quemado High    121    Beat the Huboob
Quemado High    122    Solving Spaceflight Osteopenia
Red Mountain Mid    123    Gone With the Needle: The Smallpox Story
Red Mountain Mid    124    shoo flu, don't bother me part 2
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    126    The Spread of Info through Social Networking
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    127    How Effective is Reverse Osmosis Really?
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    128    The Spread of Cholera Based on Rural/Urban Population
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    129    Plants vs. Butterflies
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    130    Spread of Gossip
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    131    Predicting The Death Toll of Pathogens
Santa Fe High    133    Erosion on the Surface of Mars
Sat Sci Math Acad    137    Rate of Reforestation
Sat Sci Math Acad    138    Natural remedies for maintaining balanced glucose levels in diabetes
Sat Sci Math Acad    139    Stopping the spread of the Influenza
Sat Sci Math Acad    140    Evolutionary Fractal Art
School of Dreams Academy    141    Analyzing the driving distance of a golfer
School of Dreams Academy    142    Effects of hypergravity on Microorganisms
School of Dreams Academy    143    Detecting Approaching Threats with the Police A.L.E.R.T
School of Dreams Academy    144    Pathogen RPS
School of Dreams Academy    145    Land-Base and Drone Communication with Algorithms
School of Dreams Academy    146    Rock Paper Scissors
Socorro High    147    When Pigs Fly
St Pius X Hs    148    Economy Model
Taos Charter    162    How bad can the spread of Rabies be?
Taos High    149    Yellowstone Volcano Eruption Ash Travel
Taos High    150    Bio-Terrorism
Taos Middle School    151    Photosynthesis: Creation of Oxygen
Taos Middle School    152    The Spread of Whooping Cough
The Masters Program    153    Modeling of a Trophic Cascade
West Las Vegas High    159    A New Perspective On Epidemiology Modelling
White Sands    160    Oryx Population
White Sands    161    Does salinity affect certain sharks in the Pacific Ocean?
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