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Total Number of Interims: 62
School    Team    Project Title
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    2    Nanoscale Self-Assembly and Pattern Formation
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    3    Hydrodynamic Modeling
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    4    How much the moon affects the lunar tides
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    5    Modeling an Ecosystem
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    6    Leaf Vein Formation
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    7    Modernizing the U.S. Air Traffic Control System
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    8    Rolling Star
ARTESIA HIGH    10    Emergency Egress
ARTESIA HIGH    11    Hardwired Curiosity
ARTESIA HIGH    12    Moon Accretion Theory
ARTESIA HIGH    13    Chaos Theory and the Evolution of Traffic Law
ARTESIA HIGH    14    Impact Crater
ASPEN    15    Cryptrography Study
BARRANCA    16    Global Warning!
BARRANCA    17    When Yawning Attacks... Will You Be Ready?
BARRANCA    19    Oil Spill Effects on Marine Life
BOSQUE SCHOOL    27    Modeling Infection and Treatment Rates for Malaria
BOSQUE SCHOOL    28    The New Mexican Grey Wolf
BOSQUE SCHOOL    29    Optimizing the Efficiency of Rocket Engines
BOSQUE SCHOOL    30    Cash Flow
CAPSHAW MID    35    The Flu
FARMINGTON HIGH    40    Farmington Bomb Escape Simulator
FREEDOM HIGH    41    how to beat the heat
FREEDOM HIGH    42    cosmic shooting gallery
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    46    Cyclicanes
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    47    alternative fuels
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    48    Prescription V.S. Home Remedies
LA CUEVA/ST PIUS X HS    49    Characterizing Movement Through a Medium
LAS CRUCES HIGH    51    An Analysis of Nerve Signals sent to the Brain
LAS CRUCES HIGH    52    Mathematical Morphology in Gene Expression
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    53    Human Traffic Flow
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    54    The Wal-Mart Effect
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    55    Polar Warming
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    56    Modeling Spacecraft Reentry
LOS ALAMOS MID    59    Otters and their effect on Riverine Ecosystems
LOS ALAMOS MID    60    Project Title: Owl, Rat, and Grass Chain of Life
LOS ALAMOS MID    61    Turn up the Heat: Energy Eff. by Smart Wall Design
LOS ALAMOS MID    96    Diversity: The Way It Works Today
MCCURDY HIGH    63    Sparking It: Electric and Magnetic Fields
MELROSE HIGH    64    Maximizing the Utility of a Lake Ecology
MELROSE HIGH    65    Cattle pens
MELROSE HIGH    66    How to stop Rumors
MELROSE HIGH    67    BZZZZ! The Sequel
MELROSE HIGH    68    Oryx Population
MELROSE HIGH    69    Prairie Dogs
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    73    limits
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    75    Communication
RIO RANCHO HIGH    76    Bubbly in the Tummy
RIO RANCHO HIGH    77    Airborne Diseases
RIO RANCHO HIGH    78    Project Wolf-Reintroduction
RIO RANCHO HIGH    79    The Aquatic food chain
RIO RANCHO HIGH    80    Stuck in traffic
RIO RANCHO MID-HIGH    81    Modeling the NASA Dawn ion propulsion spacecraft
SANDIA PREPARATORY    82    Comparing Numeric Integration Methods
SANDIA PREPARATORY    84    Spread of Flu and Effective contaiment methods
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    85    Scan of the Past: Reintroduction/ Completion
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    87    DIfferent changes of roadrunners
SANTA FE PREPARATORY SCH    89    Separation of Post-Production Mixed Audio Sources
SOCORRO HIGH    90    The Unbeatable Speed Limit
SOCORRO HIGH    91    Modeling Explosives
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