New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

How can we use less water?

Team: 98

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Environmental

Proposal: Our problem statement is how we can use less water. The part of this problem that interests us is the amount of water in New Mexico. Here in New Mexico we use too much for purposes that are not needed. What we will do is use less water for cleaning and sanitary usages. Our next step to be performed is to build a computer model/animation to help fix our problem.

Team Members
1. Jazmin De Anda
2. Eva Carabotta
3. Arielle Sedillo
4. Brandon Woodword
5. Arline Ramirez
6. Anastasia Mares
7. Jessica Tonks

Facilitators: Mrs. Hagaman
Mrs. Bischof :
Mrs. Stout:
Mrs. Kindig:

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Melody Hagaman

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