New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

How do we prevent forest fires?

Team: 96

School: Picacho Mid

Area of Science: Environment

Proposal: We are planning to research ways to prevent the forest fires. This is a problem that affects people, animals, and human resources. How can we manage forests and other wild areas to reduce the danger and cost of putting out wildfires?

We are planning to model the causes of fires, and strategies to prevent them, using StarLogo.

Team members:
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Gurrola
Dariana Rosas
Nancy Paniagua
Michelle Allison
McKenna Thelen

Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Kindig, Mrs. Hagaman, and Mrs. Bischof

Team Members:

  Arline Ramirez
  Anastasia Mares
  Dariana Rosas
  Jennifer Gurrola
  Jennifer Lopez

Sponsoring Teacher: Melanie Stout

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