New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Geology and World Simulator

Team: 91

School: Miyamura High

Area of Science: Earth and Space Sciences

Proposal: The Geology and World Simulator will be a program that generates a random world and simulates the changes that occur to that world over time. This will create an accurate evolution of a world including its rock cycle and plate tectonics. The possibility of life developing on the generated world will also be included. The simulation will reveal how things like these effected each other in the formation of Earth, and continue to effect the planet. This project will be programmed in the Java programming Language and feature a hex-based display that creates a map of hexagon tiles. Each tile will be contain a certain terrain feature, such as an ocean, grassland, or volcano. The interactions between adjacent tiles will move the simulation along.

Team Members:

  Kirtus Leyba
  Tabitha Hallock
  Jeffrey Young
  Sridivya Komaravolu

Sponsoring Teacher: Andy Melenchek

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