New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

New Methods for Electronic Security

Team: 90

School: Miyamura High

Area of Science: Computer Science

Proposal: Keeping information confidential in this increasingly electronic, virtual world is a continuous problem. Although security is currently substantial, hackers are always finding new ways around strong barriers. Our intent is to create another method of electronic network security. Our method will involve passing through certain points, or nodes, and getting one of several keys from each node to unlock the information at the final destination. As a starting point, we will research 64-bit locks, used in email security, and mutation locks. We also plan to use a modified Dijkstra's algorithm to determine the shortest path from the sending node to the receiving node.
We intend to write two programs, one to run the message transfer, and another to attempt to hack the first program. The results of this study will provide a new way to confidentially transfer information in order to keep up with the evolution of hacking.

Team Members:

  Jayden Chavez
  Alanna Tempest
  Joshua Tavares

Sponsoring Teacher: Andrew Ng

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