New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

The Application of a Two Circle System to find Specific Points

Team: 87

School: Melrose

Area of Science: Mathematics

Proposal: Our group has decided to create a system that will allow us to calculate precise points such as foundation markers, anchor bolts, and anything else where something needs to be precisely placed.
Our plan is to use a computer connected to two stepper motors with laser pointers. The points will be inputted into the computer, and it will give an output of degrees to the motors. Where the lasers cross, that’s where the point is.
This will make difficult measurements more accurate, more efficient, easier to find, and will also save more time. In this model we just need to set places of lasers placed anywhere and from these two positions they will be using math equations to find where the other points will be placed.

Team Members:

  Kaleb Broome
  Randall Rush
  Jonathan Tello
  Quinton Flores

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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