New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Stayin' Alive

Team: 81

School: Manzano High

Area of Science: Botany

Proposal: Brendyn Toersbijns
Spenser Gomez-Nelson
Jackson Middle School
Stayin’ Alive

Our project plans to model one or two plant species and how they adapt/evolve to a specific change in climate. We plan on isolating three specific variables in our model; precipitation, temperature, and elevation. All of these variables affect the amount of ground water greatly, that is why we were able to narrow it down to these three. This project is important to humans and the world because the plants that we chose will most likely be great contributors to the world oxygen supply and although humans can adapt to the changing climate we need to find out if plants can too, and if not we need to make plans. First, we plan on deciding which plant species would be best for our project. Then, we will do extensive research on this/these plant species to find out their location, their population, and other important information on these plants. Next, we plan on creating a model in Java and/or in StarLogo that accurately depicts this/these plants under varying degrees of climate change for different periods of time. Lastly, we hope to find a trend in which each plant or all plants follow.

Team Members:

  Brendyn Toersbijns
  Spenser Gomez-Nelson

Sponsoring Teacher: Stephen Schum

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