New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Investigating The Use Of Hydroelectric Power

Team: 77

School: Los Alamos Mid

Area of Science: Hydroelectrics

Proposal: I would like to use water flowing in a river/canal to generate electricity. The water in rivers is constantly moving, so it could be a good power source instead of using fossil fuels. I will determine the maximum amount of power that could be generated in a stream. I will also investigate the theoretical limits of power, such as the size of the device in the water, and the losses, mechanical and electric conversion. I will discuss the practical limits like debris, and wild life.
I am going to use Mathworks’ Simulink to create a model of the physical system for this project. I will simulate a box like power system to place in a river to generate power. I hope to have developed an idea of the way a power system like this could work. If so, I could possibly have a way to power lights and such with out burning fossil fuels.

Team Members:

  Claire DeCroix

Sponsoring Teacher: Pauline Stephens

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