New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Haptic Feedback: Controlling Robots with Touch

Team: 74

School: Los Alamos Mid

Area of Science: Engineering

Proposal: In recent years people have found increasing need to use robots to do dangerous tasks that humans cannot perform safely. To accomplish this, it was necessary for people to create ways to control these robots from far away. The controls people made for robots that are used in situations where a person cannot work under safe conditions are not as intuitive as they could be. This makes controlling the robot more unintuitive than it has to be. If the control method for the robot can be made more intuitive then it will be easier to control and more tasks can be accomplished because interaction between human and machine will be made easier and more precise. This is because people are used to interacting directly with the world using their hands. One way that this can be achieved is by using a technology known as haptic feedback. Haptic feedback allows the user to receive physical touch feedback about the machine’s status from the machine. We propose to model a haptic environment that will enable people to more easily interact with and direct a robot through the sense of touch. We hope to find a good substitute for the current control methods for robots in dangerous situations. We plan to produce these results in a simulated model written in Python.

Team Members:

  Connor Bailey
  Nate Delgado

Sponsoring Teacher: Pauline Stephens

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