New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Water Storm

Team: 7

School: Alamogordo High

Area of Science: Computing

Proposal: Proposal for Super Computing Challenge
I plan on creating a simulation of how water affects the environment over a course of time. I will have a display simulating how much water there will be on any select year, whether it will be past, present, future. I will have box at the corner of the screen where the user can input a year and a month, and location (world) and see a simulation of water level, how the water level is affecting nature at the time, and various other statistics. I will accomplish this by taking hundreds of statistics on water level from different time periods, and how the water affected in a certain part of the world these periods of time to generate an equation that will also show approximate water level in the future. I will do this for various Countries/States to show the amount of water all around the world at specific periods of time. I plan on having the project done by mid-February.

From Joey Hautmann

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Sponsoring Teacher: Albert Simon

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