New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 58

School: Las Cruces YWiC

Area of Science: Sociology

Proposal: Many countries have certain features that are considered idyllic; however, each country has its own imperfections. Our goal is to combine traits of various publics in order to create a utopian civilization. Unstable communal characteristics—such as those in constant war with themselves, economic distress, and in unsanitary environments —lead to these societies’ degradation as a whole. It is important to have a sound society because they thrive, and it would then be the epitome of stability. Our motivations for creating a utopian civilization are the shocking amount of war and poverty in many societies.
Our plan can be executed in three simple steps: researching statistics that compare the most successful and least successful societies from the past and present, planning out our program based on our extensive research, and building a computer simulation using NetLogo. In this simulation, we hope to eliminate the most prominent problems countries face and integrate the best features of successful countries into variables in our program. The variables we plan to use in our program are: education, economics, law/ law enforcement, health care/ sanitation, population, geographic location, and self sustainability. If a country were to base their government off of our project it would be difficult to make instant reforms, but an emerging society based on our project would be successful.

Team Members:

  Marie Ellis
  Hiba Muhyi
  Noor Muhyi
  Cindy Yeh
  Samantha McGuinn

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Galves

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