New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Growth of deserts

Team: 54

School: Jackson Middle School

Area of Science: Earth science

Proposal: This year we are participating in Supercomputing Challenge after having been in GUTS for a period of time. This is a late submission to the Proposals.

Problem: Deserts growing and what that does to water, animals and plants. We want to look at the affect on the ecosystems of other places around the desert.

Importance: This can affect how much water supplies get to cities. How the growth in cities affect the water available. What happens to the desert habitat.

Plan or Purpose: to experiment with methods of preventing depletion of the desert habitat and the importance of the eco systems. We are aware we need to limit what we present and research in the habitat but we have not come up with that yet.

We will use Starlogo to simulate how all of the participants in the habitat will change.

Team Members:

  Aidan OHara
  Nolan Fisk

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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