New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Designing an engineering iOS App

Team: 50

School: Grants High

Area of Science: Engineering

Proposal: Supercomputing Challenge

Prepared for:
Supercomputing Challenge of New Mexico
Prepared by:
Nicholas kemp, Jacob Alford, Tanner Turmel, Devin Lowther, Robert Vandiver.
Grants High School:
500 Mountain Rd. Grants, New Mexico 87020
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We are going to create an iOS app using Xcode 4 for the Supercomputing Challenge of New Mexico. We are basing our app on engineering, however the official question is currently undecided. Once we isolate a practical question, we will begin designing, and submitting an app on the Apple iOS App store, offered to iPod Touch, iPad, and the iPhone.
Our goals are to create an app pertaining to engineering, that aids the ability to solve a question related to the subject of engineering. We will design a useful, practical application that can run on the most popular app distributer - the iOS app store.
By designing an app, through the widely popular iOS App store, we eliminate one of the most resilient problems - incompatibility. It also eliminates the situation of immobility, such as being able to use the app, anywhere. The app store has APIs offered to developers, that other leading competitors don't. iOS has the most advanced operating system offered to mobile devices, which makes for a pleasant user experience. We will be offering, depending on the final app, compatibility from iOS 4.0, to the latest iOS 5.0.

Team Members:

  Nicholas Kemp
  Devin Lowther
  tanner turmel
  Jacob Alford

Sponsoring Teacher: Samuel Daunt

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