New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Understanding and Prevention of Flooding

Team: 5

School: Alamogordo High

Area of Science: Topography

Proposal: Our project will deal with understanding floods and using that knowledge to help raise the awareness of flooding and how to protect property in the case of an impending flood. We will do this by understanding how water behaves during floods and analyzing historical data of floods in those areas. We will help make salient in ones mind through the use of a simulation we will show how to protect buildings from a flood in various locations. The programming language we will use is C# with the microsoft 2010 visual compiler. Raising awareness of floods and understanding how they behave will aid families in protecting their life and property in the case of a flood. Considering that floods drive some 75,000 Americans from their homes on average each year, along with hundreds of people being killed this can be very beneficial to everyone.

Team Members:

  Seth Hollis
  Pascal Roessner

Sponsoring Teacher: Albert Simon

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