New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Baby Linguistics

Team: 48

School: Freedom High

Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Proposal: Learning can be a tedious task but we would like to make it fun and easy to an extent that one may not even know that they are learning. It only depends on what one is attempting to learn. A simple and most common example is learning a new language. It is notable that at a very young age one can easily learn many new concepts that adults and adolescents alike find to be impossible. As the “knowledge economy” is the future of U.S. job creation, why not prepare our younger generation now for success in the future? The only question is how? As our current generation is often referred to as “computer native” it only makes sense to utilize the power of computers to train the next generation for an economy in which computer literacy will be requisite.
In our project we will be developing an educational children’s game, using Star Logo and/or Net Logo, to see how quickly a child will grasp the alphabet, their numbers, and colors in both the English and Spanish languages. We will monitor their game play time, chart it and see how much improvement in basic language skills has been developed in a set period of time. Can children become more literate from play? We shall see….
Team Members:
Christopher Marroquin
Keenan Abshier
Edgar Duenez
Nancy Jackson

Team Members:

  Keenan Abshier
  nancy jackson
  Edgar Duenez

Sponsoring Teacher: Richard Foust

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