New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Black Bear Population and Migration after wildfires

Team: 45

School: Escalante High

Area of Science: Botany

Proposal: The extensive wildfires in New Mexico and Arizona have affected the population of black bears. Our project seeks to analyze the decrease of black bear populations in New Mexico due to deaths during wildfires, and also seeks to analyze the potential increase of black bear population in New Mexico due to migration of black bears out of the wildfire areas of Arizona. Conflicts associated with black bears include public safety concerns and possible property damage. Using data from the New Mexico Game and Fish Dept, our team will use a software program such as Excel, StarLogo, NetLogo, Matlab, or Mathematica to simulate the human cost of increased or decreased black bear populations.

Team Members:

  aaron Edwards
  Levi Dryden
  tanner warren
  cameron garcia
  Jonathon Lamb
  Lucas Dryden

Sponsoring Teacher: LeAnne Salazar

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