New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Duel of the Fuel

Team: 41

School: Edgewood Elementary

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Proposal: Proposal

Our problem is a jet fuel spill near Albuquerque that is threatening the city water supply. The fuel contains very hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to health and life.

The jet fuel problem is important because if a human drinks the fuel it can cause cancer and several other sicknesses. Millions of gallons of the fuel have been spilled into the ground. Some of these chemicals have been detected in test wells in the city. Apparently some of the chemicals have not reached the water yet but they are getting close.

Our purpose is to find the best clean-up solution. We want to explore the cheapest, safest, quickest, most effective methods of cleaning up. We want to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each idea for clean up. We want to look at what would happen should the fuel get into the drinking water.

Our plan of action is to research microbes that would be able to consume the jet fuel and we want to gather data from the test wells. We want to also get information from the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority. We want to create computer models to investigate using microbes and pumps for removing the fuel. We also want to model what would happen to the community if these toxins reached the water.

Ethan N. Hintergardt
Pete Talamante Jr.
Keith A. Stevens Jr.
Sarah E. Robinson
Chase B. Podzemny

Team Members:

  Pete Talamante
  Ethan Hintergardt
  Chase Podzemny
  Emily Robinson
  Keith Stevens

Sponsoring Teacher: Carol Thompson

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