New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Polystyrene vs. Down to Earth

Team: 38

School: Down to Earth School

Area of Science: Conservation Science

Proposal: How do quantitative changes in products (i.e polystyrene and paper) affect the restaurant business and in relative decline or incline impact the environment.
Since polystyrene is not biodegradable, it will stay on Earth forever. This poses problems not only for the environment and wildlife but for human well-being as it causes acute health problems. It is also a large creator of waste, not only in itself but in production.
By developing a computer-based model, we hope to show that the environmental "cost" outweighs the monetary one.
Even though the cost of polystyrene is comparably lower than the cost of paper, polystyrene is a creator of waste that effects the environment in negative ways.
We hope that by developing this model, we can persuade our community and beyond to use recyclable alternatives instead of polystyrene.

Team Members:

  Addison Clemens
  Hailey Manlowe
  Ella Kirk
  Simone Hill
  Ruby Zeuner

Sponsoring Teacher: Maia Chaney

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