New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Modeling Changes in Aquifer Water-Levels in New Mexico

Team: 35

School: Cleveland High

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Proposal: The Southwestern United States have experienced periods of drought throughout history. As human populations increase, the question of water availability for survival becomes critical. Therefore, modeling the rate of ground water resource use, opposed to recharge is valuable information for city planners and state governments, to use as the future unfolds. The goal of this project is to accurately model the rate of change in the Rio Grande Aquifers due to the imbalance between the rates of discharge and recharge. This project is important because New Mexico, especially large cities, most of the water is produced by aquifers. If we can accurately model the aquifers and show the change in the water levels, then this model could be used to predict future water level problems with the aquifers, such as drought. We plan to use NetLogo to model this, considering how NetLogo is very useful to model changes in the environment.

Team Members:

  Benjamin Fowler
  Korbyn Spooner

Sponsoring Teacher: Debra Loftin

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