New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Space Junk: Problem of the Future

Team: 31

School: Chaparral High

Area of Science: Earth and Space Sciences

Proposal: Our project seeks to analyze the future effects that space junk can have on our planet. This subject commonly goes unnoticed because it does not directly affect us. However,it needs to be taken into consideration that there is no effective way to clean up outer-space, therefore all the wreckage and asteroid fragments that are out there will remain there. This includes paint chips and other debris from Space Shuttle launches and orbits, which are now reeling through space at thousands of miles per hour. What will happen when debris collides? What will happen to future space explorers as they traverse space explorations? We will consider factors such as speed, size, weight, threshold, distance of orbit away from the planet, and proximity to the earth’s atmosphere. Using Netlogo, we will create a simulation that demonstrates the activity of space junk and the consequences collisions could have in the future.

Team Members:

  Susana Bali
  Sofia Bali
  Crystal Zamora
  Gabriela Marchan

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Galves

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