New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Water Jet

Team: 30

School: CEPi1

Area of Science: Phycis

Proposal: Our team is going to build a miniature jet pack powered by water. It will be about 2 inches in diameter and all thrusting power will be from water. There will be a separate water pump that will pump about 500 gallons per hour up the main tube and will exit out the two separating tubes. You will be able to control it through the two separating remote control tubes that extended down the back. The importance of this project is that with the raising cost of gasoline and the added pollution we need to begin thinking of cheaper and more efficient ways to transport our selves. In theory this could be the transporation of the future.

Team Members:

  kathryn conell
  Toni Calcari

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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