New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Underwater Mill

Team: 29

School: CEPi1

Area of Science: Hydro-generators

Proposal: Problem Definition:
Energy is the power that changes everything. We in our modern day society must harness mass amounts of energy so we can strive and expand.

Problem Solution:
Water is a powerful tool that our planet could contain. The goal of our project is to use water and the paths it travels around the world could be turned to energy not just from dams but from underwater mills. They would use a fan or hydrodynamic spinning device that would spin with the force of water. The sniping kinetic energy would be transported in to a generator and charge a battery.

Progress to Date:
We are in construction of the generator. Obtaining the materials for the scale of our generator is a little time consuming, but once built we will test it in different water environments. Until, we successively see the right water environment to place our generator in to achieve maximum power production.

Expected Results:
Our relative guess, is that we could make mass amounts of power with relatively cheap production. Harnessing the power of gravity and water. Building only a simply generator and applying it to the right environment where current is strong and risk for damage is low. We could greatly improve our world with more energy.

Team Members:

  Dylan Garmon
  Daniel Duran

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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