New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 28

School: CEPi1

Area of Science: Biochemistry

Proposal: I’m proposing to do an experiment by extracting oils from two plants, Aloe Vera and Yerba Mansa and making either a lotion or soap out of the extractions. My teacher, Mr. Esquivel had told my class stories on how the Yerba Mansa plant had cured many things, such as colds, sore throats, and cuts. I’m sure we all know Aloe Vera is good for burns, but we are looking for a cure for cancer. Pharmaceutical companies charge so much for these so called, “Cures”. We hope to find an all natural cure, so they wouldn’t have to pay a thing.

Team Members:

  Allyssa Cordova
  Alyssa Romero

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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