New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Cloud Chamber

Team: 26

School: CEPi1

Area of Science: Chemistry

Proposal: Our team is proposing to make a cloud chamber. The actual chamber will be a large scale fish tank, with dry ice underneath to prevent it from overheating. If our project is completed correctly we showed have imitation snowfall, or imitation rain. The tank will have a cork board with tacks, which have a small amount of uranium on the tips. Once we add this element we will then add rubbing alcohol. This will be a particle detector used to detect ionizing radiation. This will be sealed off; when a charged particle interacts with the mixture it ionizes it. This has the potential of being a way to harness energy because of the reaction that takes place inside the chamber is so hot that without the dry ice it would not be controllable. In theory this has the potential to be a new energy source used for transportation.

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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