New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Rio Grande

Team: 23

School: CEPi1

Area of Science: Super Computing

Proposal: Our team is purposing to experiment with Rio Grande water, fresh water and the fish native to there environment. We will be observing and testing our collected fish in our natural Rio Grande water and filtered water. We want to see what different reactions there are and collect the data. We are curious to see if Rio Grande fish will survive in clean water and if fish that are used to living in clean water will survive in Rio Grande water. Our team will be testing the different waters to include PH balance, Phosphates, chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite and at least three other testing materials. Our team has put together a fish tank divided into two separate sections for each type of water. In addition, we are creating a simulation model of our fish tank.

Our team would like to make a special thanks to our sponsor. Thank you for supporting us with our project. Your generosity is helping us get a good head start to further our education. Thank you again its greatly appreciated!

Jenelle Martinez, Allie Stern & Danielle Romero.

Team Members:

  Jenelle Martinez
  cody battershell

Sponsoring Teacher: Jerry Esquivel

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