New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Insect Infestation

Team: 21

School: Bernalillo High

Area of Science: Enviromental

Proposal: Insect infestation is a large problem many people have in their homes. Many people have trouble getting rid of or preventing insects from infesting their home. The first reaction is to kill the insects with different methods such as poison. But insects are a main part of our ecosystem being they are primary consumers. Without them, there would be a “chink” in our food chain causing other consumers to either be extinct or lack protein and energy. We are going to research insect infestation and to prevent or cure it. We will research insect population to find the percentage of insects that infest and the percentage that is killed in prevention of infestation, telling whether killing the insects is a good cure and will not affect our ecosystem.

Team Members:

Sponsoring Teacher: Jennifer Rossiter

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