New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Effects of Earthquakes on Buildings

Team: 20

School: Bernalillo High

Area of Science: Infrastructure, Construction Engineering

Proposal: Our group is testing the effects of an earthquake on different parts of buildings. We aim to gain knowledge about how different sections of a building (roof, center, support beams, etc.) withstand to the powerful nature of an earthquake. This is not really a topic that incorporates any of our career plans, it is merely a solid base for a project that we had no previous guidelines for. The project would be merely to “start” our experience with some of the software provided. Our group did not have ANY previous experience with any of the software given on the bracelets previous to the Kickoff event at NMT, and even with that, we still have very little experience. We do not know exactly how things will play out when we use the software because we are still trying to learn the program and figure out how to incorporate our idea into it and make everything functional the way we want it

Team Members:

  Alex Baldonado
  Phil Hurley
  Michael Ward

Sponsoring Teacher: Jennifer Rossiter

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