New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Self-recovery of a distributed system after a large disruption

Team: 15

School: Aspen Elementary

Area of Science: Environment, Materials

Proposal: Many natural phenomena like calamities wars or other damaging events produce dislocation of populations of various elements as animals bacteria from their habitat or may take place even inside materials exposed to damage that all trend to recover. From the many recovery paths possible, the main interest is toward those processes that drives to the similar structure as before the incidents, and towards those conditions of interaction between them and environment that have to be met. The process is called self-recovering, self repairing or healing.

Our goal is to identify and understand those interaction conditions and their dependence of initial state that are driving to recovery of the systems hit by calamities, the self repairing of materials and tissues hit by radiation and how the structures have to be designed in order to increase their resilience.

Team Members:

  Victor Popa-Simil
  Henry Poston

Sponsoring Teacher: Kathryn Thomas

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