New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 139

School: Robertson High

Area of Science: anatomy and physiology

Proposal: OUCH!

Purpose: If many football athletes are becoming injured then it is most likely due to their diet, and exercise.
Why is it important: There have been numerous problems with injuries among many football athletes, for example broken or fractured bones, or torn ligaments or tendons. I want to figure out why these athletes are having so many injuries. So far I have come to the conclusion that football athletes are not taking proper care of their bodies. Most of the athletes that have been injured this year have been injured in previous years, though some athletes have never been injured before. Are these athletes not providing proper care for their bodies? Are they having an unhealthy diet? Are they participating in strenuous activities? What is it exactly that they are doing wrong?
Actions and Methods: I will figure out what football athletes need to maintain proper care of their bodies. I will find out what activities they partake in during practice and games. I will create a survey with questions which will lead to the reasoning of these injuries.

Team Members:

  Victoria Jauregui

Sponsoring Teacher: mike boyle

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