New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Brain Stimulation

Team: 133

School: The Ask Academy

Area of Science: Bio Medical

Proposal: Brian Stimulation
We are going to research how the neurons are affected by exercise and if it changes their behavior. This is important because previous research shows exercise helps people learn more efficiently by stimulating their brain. By looking at the neurons in the brain we can tell which part of the brain is being stimulated the most (Parietal Lobe, Frontal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, and Temporal Lobe). First, we will need to research the brain and how the neurons are effected before, during and after you exercise. We will then display this using Net Logo. In using this program, we hope to accurately display how different regions of the brain are affected and how neurons react to the exercise. We are going to use Net Logo to simulate how exercise effects brain stimulation.

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Sponsoring Teacher: Ashley Ivins

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