New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Star Formation

Team: 13

School: Artesia High

Area of Science: Astronomy

Proposal: The formation of star is subject to a very large interstellar cloud, that can have a mass imperious to that of the sun, that ends as an profound ball of bright gas. The uncertainty our team will come to find, is how a star is formed between it being a cloud of heat and dust fragments, to a lustrous concentrated gas. We will answer this question setting up mathematical models in Net Logo and displaying it in a html format.
To model this formation computationally our team will simulate each stage as a star is formed. From what brings the cloud together, how it reacts with its main components, and come together to form virtually a compound of gaseous matter, to how the reactions become unstable and eventually die, and what keeps it from going back to a cloud.
We intend to make our model as accurate to an actual star formation as possible. We will address all stages and make note of what happens when a key component of formation is missing. Also, we will attempt to display an actual chemical reaction to summarize star formation.

Team Members:

  Jack Callaway
  Francisco Lopez

Sponsoring Teacher: r G

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