New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 128

School: Socorro High

Area of Science: economics

Proposal: GlAdOs
Proposal Outline (economic science)
Bryan Melanson, Kris DeCosta, Damon Hewitt

Our project will be to create a computer program which will monitor the stock prices of predetermined companies, giving indicators on when to buy and when to sell holdings in certain corporations. The problem this would solve would be that humans cannot process information and execute actions at the same speed as computers. By utilizing a computer program to trade stock you could increase your potential for making massive profits in the stock market.
On a second note, this program could also be refined and used to make minute trades. For example, you could tell the program to buy 5000 shares of a certain company at $5.20 per share and the sell them once you had made a net gain of say, $50 on the entire investment, taking into account the cost of commission for each trade. A computer could make dozens of these transactions at once, presumably making thousands of dollars per day!

Team Members:

  kris decosta
  damon hewitt

Sponsoring Teacher: Craig Addis

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