New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 12

School: Artesia High

Area of Science: Civil Engineering, Sociology

Proposal: Many towns in Southeastern New Mexico have an economic basis in or related to the oil and gas industry. Some of these towns contain a refinery inside of or on the outskirts of the town proper. So, in a situation in which an accident such as a spill or leak of hazardous gases and/or liquid has occurred, is it possible to model the evacuation of the town? If so, could the model be used to create or revise existing egress plans for towns with conditions similar to those simulated?
Inquiries have been made at the local fire and police departments about preexisting plans. Former safety expert of Navajo Refining Company, Thomas A. Aston, was also asked to clarify the most probable of disasters that might occur at Navajo Refinery. The currant long term goals include discovering the opinions of local experts, continuing research on the web and broadening the information received through written records. When enough data has been amassed, a representation will be constructed using NetLogo. This study will include the variables of demographics, time of day, weather conditions and panic if possible, while catastrophic weather conditions will be intentionally excluded.

Team Members:

  Joshua Trujillo
  Jeremiah Marquez
  Robert Smith
  Madison Mutchler

Sponsoring Teacher: r G

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