New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Modeling Erosion in Santa Clara Canyon

Team: 114

School: Santa Fe Indian School

Area of Science: Geology

Proposal: With the fire around Santa Clara Canyon destroying the natural environment, we decided that we want to study water erosion in the canyon. This will involve three steps.

First, we will create a physical model with a water erosion tank. Water will be allowed to flow across sand in a tank. More or less straight meanders may be created depending on the angle at with the tank is set and how much time water is permitted to flow. Measurement data on angles in the meanders, length of time for flows and volume of flows will be collected.

Next, we will create a computer based model of the sand erosion that is based on the data from the water erosion tank. The computer model will use the StarLogo and Netlogo programs. In this part we are going to modify the existing erosion models which are currently being used by the Project GUTS program. We then plan to use Netlogo to actually recreate a model of Santa Clara Canyon using a topographical map. This will involve inserting the topographical map into Netlogo in order to create the terrain necessary to view Santa Clara Canyon’s erosion.

Finally, we will go to Santa Clara Pueblo and make contact with people working in erosion control for Santa Clara Canyon following the Las Conchas forest fire last summer. The goal is to apply the computer model to a real situation and assist in planning erosion control. We hope this will be useful to those people working there.

Team Members:

  Kein Ami
  John Cammarata
  Dakota Cournoyer

Sponsoring Teacher: Robert Dryja

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