New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Wind vs. Solar

Team: 108

School: Robertson High

Area of Science: Environmetal Sciences

Proposal: Energy markets in the U.S. are becoming increasingly competitive, so, people have been looking to renewable energy sources. Last year we found that wind energy is a good way for companies to invest in renewable resources. New developments, including a solar plant near Las Vegas, leave questions as to the cost effectiveness of solar power.
We would like to change our model from last year (See Roberson team 107) to use real world wind data from prior years. This will allow us to test the efficiency wind energy here in Las Vegas. A new model will test the efficiency of solar energy. This model paired with the revised version of our previous model will compare the cost effectiveness of wind and solar energy. We will determine if investments in solar energy here are more profitable than an investment in wind energy would have been. These models will be created and tested using Netlogo.
Team Members: Jacob Bakarich
Victoria Gomez
Jacob Ratzlaff

Sponsor: Mike Boyle

Team Members:

  Jacob Ratzlaff
  Jacob Bakarich
  Victoria Gomez

Sponsoring Teacher: mike boyle

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