New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Removing Radioactive Particles from Water

Team: 107

School: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Area of Science: Biology/Chemistry

Proposal: Our project consists of many processes which test reverse osmosis itself, through which agents will be factored into the simulation as a variable and the so called “agent” will collect onto the radioactive molecules making them bigger than the water molecules. When the radioactive compound (Water and radioactive materials) are put through a series of filters, the idea is to see the larger agent-covered radioactive molecules filter out from the smaller water molecules. Our other idea is to negatively ionize the radioactive compound and then add in a positively charged material so that the negative compound will combine with the positive charged material and it can be moved without the effect of the radioactive.

Team Members:

  Trinity Medley
  Stuart Perera

Sponsoring Teacher: harry henderson

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