New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Deadly Dose

Team: 106

School: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Proposal: Supercomputing Challenge Team Proposal
Team Number: 106
School Name: Rio Rancho Cyber Academy
Area of Science: Environmental Science
Project Title: Deadly Dose

For our Supercomputing Challenge project, we want to demonstrate the effects of radiation exposure to humans and their environment. Utilizing the amount of radiation in an environment can have varied effects on people due to certain levels of radioactivity. It may also affect the environment’s natural resources such as water and food. The combined effect of radiation exposure to people directly and indirectly from consumption of resources can increase the accumulation of radiation inside the body. The environment is a radiated environment, so all of the inhabitants are exposed to low levels of background radiation. When people move around in the environment they accumulate radiation. Resources such as food and water are affected from radiation exposure, and when people consume this food and water, it will increase the amount of radiation in the body. Exposure will be controlled within the environment and will have different effects on the people. Low level exposure will infect gastro vascular functions causing loss of appetite. Higher levels of exposure will result in neurovascular dysfunction and damage the brain directly. These variables will contribute to the exposure and spread of radiation poisoning in the human body. ________________________________________

Team Members
• Monika Nadzins
• Jocelyn Tansey
• Sierra Venegas
Sponsoring Teacher(s)
• Harry Henderson
Project Mentor(s)

Team Members:

  Sierra Venegas
  Monika Nadzins
  Jocelyn Tansey

Sponsoring Teacher: harry henderson

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