New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Don't Waste Your Water Embrace Your Water!

Team: 104

School: Red Mountain Mid

Area of Science: Environmental Science

Proposal: Agriculture is an important part of the nation’s economy. Our state is challenged with long droughts and water shortages. Local farmers and ranchers grow food and fiber for people and animals around the state and nation. Typically, 50-80% of household waste water is grey water from kitchen sinks, dishwashers, bathroom sinks, tubs and showers. The grey water can be transported by buckets, pumping water from the bathtub or kitchen sink by a garden hose, or adapting your plumbing system.
The computer program will model the recycling of grey water by using the program Star Logo TNG. This grey water computer model will be validated against data gathered from a real world experimental model. The end goal is to use this program in a subroutine for a larger computer model.

Resources used:

Team Members:
Jarrod Harrington
Cristian Sanchez

Sponsoring Teacher:
Guyla Miller

Team Members:

  Cristian Sanchez
  Jarrod Harrington

Sponsoring Teacher: Guyla Miller

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