New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Touchless Computer

Team: 103

School: Quemado High

Area of Science: Computer Engineering

Proposal: Team: 103
School: Quemado High School
Area of Science: Computer Engineering


Problem: Design and build a touchless computer.

Expected Results:
We expect to build a multi-touch environment at the lowest possible cost. We also expect to learn how the Microsoft Kinect works; the programming language of the Kinect; as well as expand our knowledge of C, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java. Our plan of action is to first learn the basics of the necessary languages. Once we know the basics, we will view the Kinect software and figure out how it works. Once we have a firm grip on how the Kinect works, we will design and build a program to utilize the Kinect hardware. Once we have working software, we will build a compact, easy to move computer and projection system. Once the system is built, we will build a piece of software to simulate our problem.

Team Members:

  Justin Miller
  Sam Eberle
  Nicole Martin
  Hank Edwards

Sponsoring Teacher: Tim Angelus

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