New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Disaster Simulation with according response

Team: 1

School: Acad For Tech & Classics

Area of Science: Civil Engineering

Proposal: Disaster Simulation with according response
Team R0073R

We plan to model the effects of a Tsunami and other disasters on a simulated city. We will collect results that are accurate, but not very detailed. Meaning, we need to know if a building is damaged, and to what extent, but the specifics of the damage are arbitrary. We will analyze our results to determine where emergency resources should be placed before the catastrophe.

This will include a simulation of disasters like tsunamis, floods, storm surges, landslides, and a generated or imported city layout. The simulations will be accurate but not unnecessarily detailed. Our current plans are for a grid-based simulation for water. Imported GIS data will be used for city generation and procedural scripts will generate custom cities.

We may contact local emergency management personnel, including knowledgeable individuals at such institutions as the University of New Mexico, New Mexico Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia National Labs, and others for suggestions, advice, and guidance during our project.

Team Members:

  Arlo Barnes
  William Fong
  Max Bond
  Erik Nelson
  Christopher Brown

Sponsoring Teacher: Polly White

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