New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

how do asteroids gain momentum,how to deflect the asteroids

Team: 96

School: Mesa Mid

Area of Science: astronemy

Interim: Problem definition: Our problem is we need to find out how asteroids gain momentum and how to deflect the asteroids from hitting the earth. We will research asteroids and their weaknesses. Such as what type of material will deflect it. We will research the average, size, speed, and temperature. With this information, it will make it easier to find the materials, shape, width, and height. If we have this kind of information we can possible figure the weakness of the asteroid and we could miss aim the trajectory of the asteroid and send the asteroid someplace different in space.

Goal: Our goal is to finish this project with success we also want to make this project understandable for anyone who wants to understand more abut asteroids and we want to try to win or at least get a good score. We also want to find a to deflect the asteroid so if destroy into little pieces and if we can deflect it.

Problem solution: The solution is that if a asteroid is coming to earth and we can us a satellite that is big enough to send a kinetic wave in the air a strong enough to knock the asteroid to a different trajectory. If an asteroid way coming and we could use the satellite to either deflect the asteroid or turn the trajectory of the asteroid back into space and it would
hit something else and I won’t damage anything and with this we could also see how fast the asteroid is coming to earth .We could also have a photo picture of the size of this asteroid and scientist can study how and what asteroids are made of and the materials.

Our progress: Has been very well and I think are group is very well working together we worked very good on this project so we are happy to say we like the way we’re working and we hope that we can find out what size, speed. We could also determine the width, materials, and the height.

Expected results: I expect that we can find out how asteroids gain momentum and how to stop the asteroid from coming to earth we also want to find a way to build a satellite big enough that It can send a kinetic wave the trajectory of the asteroid. We could use the satellite for other things in the future and we could also learn more about asteroids and we could also possibly use the satellite to see what is in a tornado but aren’t talking about tornadoes we’re talking about asteroids but if we build I just right it could do almost anything.

Team Members:

  annette nicol
  christopher vasquez
  Jennifer Hopper

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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