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Lung Cancer Risk

Team: 93

School: Mesa Mid

Area of Science: oncology

Interim: Team 93
Mesa middle School
Lung Cancer Risk

Our group decided to do a project on lung cancer and how smoking will give you a higher risk of getting it and why. In order to figure out, we decided to do two different experiments. In one model we decided to use a daily smoker and see how high the risk of getting lung cancer is. On the other model we decided to use an irregular smoker. Apart from doing this, we hope to be able to advertise more clearly how lung cancer can affect you and how equally dangerous smoking is to your lungs. Our main goal is to be able to understand how long it takes for lung cancer to take full affect more clearly.

To find the solution to the problem, we would figure out how high of the risk of getting lung cancer would be and to hopefully make people realize how dangerous it is. Our model will be programmed to show the process of the abnormal cells spreading, multiplying and begin to develop tumors for daily smokers. We also know that the progress will take a while to be noticeable, so we sped up the process. The computer will also be programmed to show the process on an irregular smoker. We also sped up this process as well, knowing it would take longer to do the whole process by exact time. Eventually, we would get the two results and be able to compare them, giving people a good reason why any smoking is dangerous.

We have also been helped by the website, giving us very
useful information.

Recently, we have been able to program one StarLogo project. The program is representing how a daily smoker get it’s cilia affected by the disease, which are tiny hairs, in your lungs that mainly try to protect you lung from diseases and/or infections. So, whenever the cancer attacks the cilia, it over powers them, allowing the cancer to be able to attack your lungs more freely. We've also been thinking of ways to increase awareness of the dangers of smoking to the society.

After we compile all our data, we expect to be able to understand more how lung cancer works, so we can find more ways to prevent lung cancer and how to advertise it. We also hope that this will not be only an afterschool program project, but a tribute to help smokers clearly understand what smoking can do to you. We would like to mostly get the result of more people realizing the dangers and harmful affects of smoking.

Team Members: Jada Martinez, Selena Ibarra, Liah Guerrero

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

Team Members:

  Selena Ibarra
  Liah Guerrero
  Jada Martinez

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracie Mikesell

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