New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Pony Car Showdown

Team: 92

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Automotive Engineering

Interim: TEAM: 92

SCHOOL NAME: Melrose Mid

PROJECT TITLE: Pony Car Showdown

AREA OF SCIENCE: Automotive Engineering
TEAM MEMBERS: Tristen Reed, Justly Pierce, Tel Bostwick, and Tatum Trollinger.
Problem Definition:
Cars today are a huge part in many people’s lives. We have cars for moms, cars for racing, and even cars just for being pulled in the trailer. We like to focus on racing, and focus on the top two controversial cars in history. The Camaro ZL1 and the Mustang boss 302 have gone head to head for years and we feel it’s finally to find out who’s on top.
Problem Solution:
The main goal of this project is to create a working model in the language of Net logo. This model will be designed to take in the information of two agents, whose specifications will match to scale the Camaro and Mustang. We plan to create a race track that the two agents will follow imputing acceleration, cornering ability, and measuring the speed per lap. This we feel will prove which vehicle is better. Obviously we will only test stock cars due to the fact that they are unaltered by extra parts. This will add to the consistency of our project as well. We know that the many people who are fans of one car or the other will reject any test in which there car loses; this is why we want this project to be based upon stock. The unaltered vehicles will offer far better results and will be more accepted in the end results.
Progress to Date:
Currently we are in the study and planning phase of our project. We have decided to use the program Net logo for its flexibility in modeling and have gathered the specifications on the two vehicles to be tested. We have also done extensive research on the current people working on a real world project like ours. These people include automotive enthusiasts at Top Gear, Motor Trend, and Muscle Car Magazines. Many of these people rule in the Mustangs favor due to its higher horsepower and top speed, but in the end many rule in the Camaros favor for its handling and suspension. So we have found there is even more controversy than we expected and have found that it is a very exciting real world topic in the Muscle Car franchise.

Expected Results:
Surprising to many people we all rule in the Camaro ZL1’s favor. We know that the Mustang is faster and more powerful, but with poor brakes and suspension cornering and braking are extremely lacking. This causes the Mustang to constantly have to worry about slowing down to turn whereas the Camaro’s smooth disk brakes and magnetic suspension leads to extremely good handling and cornering in any race. We plan to use our model to prove, or disprove this as we may be wrong. The model we wish to create will also be flexible in the input of data specifications. This will allow our program to test a variety of vehicles in a quick and precise matter. We really enjoy this topic and we feel that it can also be built to a bigger and better model. Many vehicles will be able to be tested simultaneously and we will finally be able to see which car is better in a head to head race!
Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daughtery

Team Members:

  tristen reed
  justly pierce
  tel bostwick
  Carson Fraze
  Tatum Trollinger

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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