New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Shotgun Pellet Patterns

Team: 91

School: Melrose Mid

Area of Science: Physics, and Ballistics

Interim: Team Members: Teigan Delk, Cooper Roberts, James Hutson, Nathaniel Flores, and Dylan Reed.

Teacher: Alan Daugherty

Problem Definition:
Our team is going to study the spread of shotgun pellets after being fired from a gun. Spread means how the pellets scatter out after being fired from the shotgun barrel. We are interested in this because we all are involved with hunting and 4H ‘Shooting Sports’ competitions. This is important to determine the damage done to a target. This would help hunters increase the accuracy of hitting their targets, and bring down game. Too much spread has too few pellets hitting something. Too little spread makes it harder to hit a target, even though it does much more damage when they DO hit.

Plan for Solving:
We intend to help hunters choose the right gun, correct choke, specific gunpowder amounts, and pellet size for any situation they might be in. We want to make a computer model that shows how the spread of pellets is affected by the variables we have identified. As a person changes these in different combinations they will see what effects they might have from a shot. We will do research on the internet, read books, and ask local experts to come up with our information.

Progress To Date:
We have studied the different types of chokes of a shot gun and the sizes of the pellets and how much they spread per feet. We took out some paper and a 12 gauge shotgun and shot them with different chokes and measured each target. We will continue our investigation on the pellets and chokes of a 12 gauge shotgun.

Next we will start our computer program on StarLogoTNG and make the different variables show their effects.

Expected Results:
The results that we expect when we put the full choke in the muzzle of the shotgun, is that the pellets most likely would spread more than the modified and improved. The modified most likely would spread more than the full and less than the improved cylinder. We think that the improved cylinder will spread more than the full and modified. And the improved cylinder was bigger and weaker but that meant that the target would be easier to hit than the modified and full but the modified is stronger than the improved. The full is the strongest but is the hardest to make the pellets hit the target.

Team Members:

  Nathaniel Flores
  James Hutson
  Dylan Reed
  Cooper Roberts
  Teigan Delk

Sponsoring Teacher: Amy Flores

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