New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

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Team: 87

School: Melrose High

Area of Science: Sciology and Behavorial

Interim: Team Number 87
School Name Melrose High School
Team Members Victoria Northrup, Mackenzie Perkins, Taylor Harvey.
Project Title: There's one near you!
Area of Science: Social Sciences; Behavioral Science
We plan on studying the traffic flow of customers at a neighborhood convenient store. Convenient stores are like our grocery stores in a small town. If we forget milk in town, no worries! We just go to the convenient store. We want to make this process as fast and easy as possible.
We will make a model with main products sold. We will have customers go to each station and however long the customers take that is how satisfied they are. We will also vary the arrangement of the store.
Importance and Purpose:
As a Customer of a store, you get easily irritated by how slow the checkout lines are, so we hope to improve the traffic flow and increase the satisfaction of the customers at a local market.
Results Desired:
We will create a model that shows the traffic flow of customers in a convenient store. We have graphs that show the satisfaction of each agent, and we feel this project would make a difference in a convenient store by eliminating grouchy customers, and speeding up the cash registers.
Plan of Action:
We plan to use StarLogo TNG and model a floor plan of a convenient store, and have specific agents that have their own shopping list and have them get there items, and go to the cash register. They will also judge if the aisle is too short in width or if there’s another agent in the place getting an item then they will go and get another item off of their list. And have graphs to monitor the customers satisfaction of the cash register (ex. if it’s to slow they will become grouchy!)

Team Members:

  Mackenzie Perkins
  Victoria Northrup
  Taylor Harvey

Sponsoring Teacher: Alan Daugherty

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